On December 1, 2016, The Hospital Cooperative (THC)completed its annual planning session with its Board of Directors. Each member of THC was invited to attend and provide their input on the strategic direction of the organization for 2017.

Prior to the meeting, board members were given the opportunity to complete a survey. The responses to the survey helped guide the direction of conversation and helped identify commonalities. The group also reviewed the many successes of 2016.

There were several areas of focus that the board members identified. THC will be looking at different options to help combat staffing issues at some of the rural communities. Several members
report difficulty with different positions, most notably registered nurses (RNs). Brittni Anthony from The Hospital Cooperative will be spearheading an effort to have employed nurses cover shifts in the rural facilities.

The Board of Directors had a great conversation regarding the importance of quality regional data. Hospitals typically have access to national and state-wide data, but regionalized data is of
high value. We will start by analyzing employee benefits and look into other areas such as compensation and hospital charges. A repository for hospital and departmental policies and procedures was also discussed. Along with help from the HR directors, we feel like this would be helpful in preparation of hospital and nursing home surveys.

Peer networks will continue to be a major focus for 2017. We will be asking hospitals to be more involved by presenting at each meeting on best practices that they have developed and that are successful. We are very excited for an incredible year ahead.

Best wishes to you, your family, and your community!

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